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if you're relating to the above...

The fearless training app is what you've been looking for.

We built the Fearless Training App with a mission to coach, lead and inspire others whilst providing sound knowledge and quality content applied to achieve better results.

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The nitty Gritty

so what do you actually get?

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We mold your physique with custom work out plans focusing on strength, resistance & physical preparedness to see actual results.

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There is no one-size fits all. Built for delicious variety to be sustainable, flexible and enjoyable. Shopping list is included.

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We're here with you all the way. With our app you get access to me (Alex) and my support team. We're responsive, so expect fast replies.

We give you everything you need

but wait, there's more.

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measurement Tracker

Easy measurement tool for weight, body fat, upper torso, & lower torso.

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meal tracker

Track your intake alongside your meal plan. See your calorie compliance & daily variance.

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private facebook group

Receive regular posts from Alex. Engage with other members & stay motivated.

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workout tracker

See what exercises, reps, sets, RPE & rest periods you're assigned & track as you workout!

Success Stories

What our clients say

Alex is a wealth of knowledge & experience and I am extremely grateful for his guidance & support. I would highly recommend Fearless Training whether you are new to the world of fitness or have experience but are looking to reach that next level.

J. Buhagiar. Canungra

I would recommend Fearless Training to anyone who wants to benefit from all the knowledge and research that's been put behind their programs.

N. Lodhia. Gold Coast

So glad I started working with Alex a couple months ago in regards to stepping up my fitness & training goals. Alex's workout & meal program was super simple and easy to follow and gave me significant results in just 3 months!

K. Keinhne. Australia

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we let results speak for themselves

our client transformations

Libby Fredrickson
5 Months
Fat Loss & Tone
Bogdan Uruci
3 Months
Fat Loss & Muscle Gain
Bre Colley
8 Months
Tone & Strength
Leon Gertzos
6 Months
Fat Loss & Muscle Gain
Jeremy Derbyshire
12 Months
Weight Loss & Muscle Gain
Shelley Henderson
3 Months
Fat Loss & Tone
Chris Philippou
5 Months
Fat Loss & Muscle Gain
Tez Carlson
3 Months
Strength & Performance
Jonny Halpin
12 Months
Fat Loss & Muscle Gain
Libby Fredrickson
5 Months
Fat Loss & Tone
Bogdan Uruci
3 Months
Fat Loss & Muscle Gain
Bre Colley
8 Months
Tone & Strength
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Our story

Meet your coach
Alex connor

I started my fitness  journey more than 15 years ago. Over those years I learned, grew, and found success in body building. I strengthened my mind along with my body, and discovered the way to get real results: The right mindset, dedication, and keeping it SIMPLE.

I am inspired by my clients, and pride myself in being a part of their journeys. Fitness has been a passion for so long, I have discovered a love for guiding others to find the same passion.

I am a qualified sports exercise scientist and accredited sports nutritionist. With this knowledge, years of experience, and passion to empower others, I have helped a community of incredible people transform their bodies and lives.
I believe in the power of mindset. I will keep you motivated and PROUD.

You will achieve your goals, and realise your potential.

meet your coach

Krystal Parsons

Hi there, I'm Krystal, and it's a pleasure to welcome you to Fearless Training! With a journey spanning over ten years in health and fitness coaching, I've dedicated myself to delivering top-notch service and fostering a deep, passionate commitment to each person's unique fitness journey.

As a specialised competition prep coach, I bring to the table a unique expertise that sets me apart. Preparing for a competition is a journey like no other, requiring not just physical readiness but mental resilience as well. My approach is tailored to meet these demands, ensuring you're not only competition-ready but also in peak condition, embodying confidence and strength from the inside out.

My specialisation doesn't stop at competition prep. Whether it's lifestyle training or body transformation, I offer a comprehensive toolkit designed for your success. It's about creating personalised strategies that resonate with you, ensuring you feel your best every day, both inside and out.

Join me, and let's make every workout significant, challenging ourselves to surpass our limits and set new standards. The journey ahead is thrilling, and as your coach, I'm here to lead the way, offering guidance, support, and encouragement at every turn.

Together, let's achieve greatness.

Fear Nothing. Achieve Anything.


Frequently Asked

Is there a contracted period?
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There is no contract period. You can cancel your membership anytime by emailing support@fearlesstrainingunited.com and requesting to cancel. Your data will not be saved if you decide to rejoin as you will have a new profile.

When can I expect to see results?
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You can expect to feel and see results in 4 - 12 weeks dependant on your level of commitment and if you adhere to your training and meal plan with consistency and precision.

When do I get my meal/training plan?
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You will receive your custom meal/training plan within 24 hrs of filling out and submitting all of your details and preferences.

How often do I get a new meal/training plan?
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You will get the opportunity to update your training and meal plan every four weeks and a notification will appear at the top of your profile. You don't have to change if you're enjoying your current plan.

Is this training the right fit for me?
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If you want to intelligently lose body fat, build muscle, strength and look/feel better naked and you're willing to put in the effort. Then YES. It's made for you.

Can I eat the foods I like/dislike?
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Yes. The custom meal plans are built to suit your lifestyle and nutritional preferences.

Can I change the meals I don't like?
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Yes. You can swap out the foods/meals in your plan with the touch of a button.

Can you work around injuries if I can't do certain exercises?
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Yes. Throughout onboarding you can note down any injuries and we will design a workout program around what you can do and easily adapt it as you recover.

Can I swap out exercises I don't like or have at my gym?
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Yes. You can swap out the exercises in your plan with the touch of a button.

Can I change how many days I train?
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Yes. Everything is customised to you and your abilities and you can request a change anytime via emailing support@fearlesstrainingunited.com

so who is this for?

If you're...

Seeking real change

  • Don't want mediocre.
  • Are motivated to achieve more.
  • Want real results.
  • Want lasting results.
  • Are willing to put in the hard work.

This is for You.

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if you're...

happy being Comfortable

  • Lazy and want a magic pill.
  • Not comfortable taking control.
  • A person who struggles to take action.
  • Against taking accountability.
  • Not willing to put in the hard work.

This is not for You.


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